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07/08/2023 14:07

The ‘unbelievable’ richness of Man Utd’s new owner and the ‘ridiculous’ way to spend money make fans can’t close their mouth

Manchester United’s owner family, the Glazers, has a reputation for being extremely wasteful. They are one of the wealthiest families in the world, with a net worth of over $4 billion. Newspapers and publications all around the world have included articles about their lavish lifestyles, which include stories about their extravagant residences, private jets, and luxury cars.

Their superyacht stands apart from the rest of their fleet because to its helipad and golf course. Yacht “The Aviva” was custom-built for the Glazers and is said to be worth around $200 million. There are luxury amenities like a pool, gym, and movie theater, plus cutting-edge technology.

But this isn’t the end of it. The Glazer family owns a private Gulfstream G550 plane, valued at about $50 million. The jet is so technologically advanced that it can fly nonstop from New York to Tokyo.

They also have a sizable collection of real estate holdings. One of the family’s many mansions is a $80 million “palace in the sky” in Manhattan. The Time Warner Center location affords guests breathtaking views of Central Park and the cityscape of Manhattan.

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