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13/11/2023 15:57

The British billionaire take over Man Utd will drastically reform the club, selling 3 stars to buy in Mbappe

According to the Daily Mail, British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe will complete the acquisition of 25% of MU Club’s shares during FIFA Days in November. This 71-year-old billionaire will control the club’s football activities.

” Sir Jim Ratcliffe will not participate in the project to build the new Old Trafford  stadium   worth up to 1.5 billiоn pounds. He will spend about 245 million pounds (the value of buying 25% of  MU club’s shares ) to improve infrastructure at the club. Besides, at least 3 top stars will be sold in the winter transfer window in early 2024,” the Daily Mail said.

British billionaire is about to take over MU club without building a new stadium, selling 3 stars - Photo 1.

British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe (middle) is about to control MU Club’s football activities

The 3 stars who will be “invited to leave” by Sir Jim Ratcliffe include Antony, Jadon Sancho and Anthony Martial. These are players who have been performing poorly in recent times, not contributing much to MU Club’s playing style. Jadon Sancho was even disciplined internally due to disagreements with coach Erik ten Hag.

“Pushing these three top stars out will be the first thing Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his colleagues do when taking control of football activities and starting to reorganize the MU club team. The positions of executive director and technical director of MU will also be changed or supplemented,” the Daily Mail shared.

“In addition to the internal reforms of MU Club, Sir Jim Ratcliffe will consider alternative plans to renovate or expand Old Trafford, as well as improve facilities in and around this famous stadium. The Carrington training area has also been significantly upgraded with an expected cost of between 150 million and 200 million pounds,” the Daily Mail revealed.

British billionaire is about to take over MU club without building a new stadium, selling 3 stars - Photo 2.

From left to right: Jadon Sancho, Martial and Antony are about to be kicked out by billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Old Trafford is old in English football and iconic, but has been in disrepair for many years, the roofs have been leaking for many years. Compared to the new stadiums of Man City or Tottenham clubs, the current Old Trafford stadium cannot be compared.

When the American owners of the Glazer family offered to sell MU Club, Old Trafford was part of the plan with a rebuilding project worth up to 1.5 billiоn pounds. However, this deal to change ownership failed when the Glazer family did not sell the team to businessmen from Qatar (offering nearly 6 billiоn pounds), but agreed to sell 25% of the shares to British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

British billionaire is about to take over MU club without building a new stadium, selling 3 stars - Photo 3.

Despite many difficulties, MU Club (red shirt) is currently ranked 6th in the English Premier League

kylian mbappe psg v reims ligue 1.jpgMU Club is having a difficult time with declining achievements, but coach Erik ten Hag and his team just won against Luton Town with a score of 1-0, rising to 6th place in the Premier League.

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