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24/05/2023 07:52

Man United star in high spirits as they head out for a light-hearted lunch in Cheshire

The Manchester United players are in a good mood after their 5-1 win over Leeds on the first day of the season, and a small group of them went out to lunch on Friday to keep the good vibes going.

Bruno Fernandes and David de Gea were seen enjoying each other’s company at Cibo Restaurant in Hale Village, Cheshire. The player was so amused that he burst into fits of laughter.

Juan Mata and Nemanja Matic joined them for the trip out the day before they went to Southampton. People watching from the outside seemed to find it funny that the group played around as they left the building and went their separate ways. On their website, Cibo sαys that they are a “modern day classic Italian restaurant” and that they use “only the finest ingredients” to make their pasta, pizzas, seafood, and meat dishes.

As the group split up on the sidewalk, Matic gave his long-time teammate De Gea a fist bump, while the other three kept going. As they crossed the street, De Gea and Fernandes kept bumping into each other. Now that they’ve had some much-needed time off, they’ll focus on helping United win their second straight Premier League game to start the season. On Sunday, they will go to St. Mary’s, which is always hard. Before the game, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gave reporters an update on Paul Pogba’s uncertain contract situation and emphasized that Jesse Lingard still has a part to play for United this season.

Both players are known to be very popular and close friends in the locker room. If they leave in the summer, it could hurt the team spirit and Old Trafford’s chances of winning the title.

Pogba has just over 10 months left on his £290,000-a-week contract, and it looks like he will leave the club for the second time as a free agent. United wants him to sign a new contract, but he hasn’t shown much interest so far. Pogba was back in the news after he helped win 5-1 against Leeds last weekend with four assists, but Solskjaer is clear that his main goal is to make sure the midfielder is happy day-to-day.

When asked about Paul Pogba’s position, Solskjaer said, “Well, that’s up to Paul’s agents and the club to work out.” Paul and I work together every day here, and we’re always trying to get better, help the team, and have fun.

“You have more fun when you win games.”

And when asked if Lingard might stay at the club, he said, “I think Jesse’s first goal is to make our team.” I think that if your boss is Man United, that should be your main goal. It’s always the case, and we can have a lot of fun together.As a manager with the players and squad I have now, it’s hard to sαy they’re not playing because I have to leave people out, and not just from the starting lineup.

“But they all need to remember and know that they will have to do something for us to succeed.

“Jesse is back in good shape. He did a great job in the behind-closed-doors game against Burnley on Tuesday, and he’s back in good spirits and shape. He has an important role to play.’

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