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15/11/2023 16:51

Maguire injured just 40 seconds in for Man Utd, sparking concern. Voted best player recently.

Harry Maguire picked up an injury just 40 seconds into Manchester United’s match against Fulham.

The Manchester United defense, known as the Red Devils, started the game at Craven Cottage alongside Jonny Evans. The match concluded with a victory for Manchester United, with Bruno Fernandes scoring the winning goal in the 91st minute. However, the initial minute saw Maguire requiring medical assistance.

Maguire executed a defensive maneuver using his head to make contact with Fulham’s forward, Rodrigo Muniz, during the game.

Shortly afterward, Maguire gained possession of the ball without facing opposition and intentionally directed it out of bounds, resulting in a throw-in. Subsequently, he assumed a bent-over position.

Maguire appeared disoriented and lightheaded as he settled into the playing field, raising a hand in a gesture of remorse. The 30-year-old displayed signs of distress, potentially indicating an injury near his left eye, prompting his teammates to quickly approach and attend to him.

The former captain underwent a medical evaluation by the United team’s medical staff to determine his fitness for further participation, while Raphael Varane prepared for potential substitution on the sidelines.

The occurrence was described as “highly disconcerting” by TNT Sports announcer Darren Fletcher.

Following a substantial interruption, Maguire was deemed fit to proceed and granted permission to continue. However, concerns were expressed about the possibility of Maguire suffering from a concussion, advocating for a more comprehensive evaluation of his head injury.

A Twitter user noted Maguire appeared visibly disoriented, questioning why football hasn’t embraced the Head Injury Assessment (HIA) protocol, similar to rugby.

Another individual expressed their opinion, stating, “Maguire appears to be acceptable, however, I believe that the football industry is regressive in allowing him to participate without delay.”

Ensure a comprehensive evaluation of head injuries is conducted for a duration of ten minutes and designate a substitute player specifically trained to manage cases of concussions.

Maguire promptly reengaged in the dynamic proceedings mere moments later when Scott McTominay believed he had successfully propelled United into a leading position.

Nevertheless, the objective was invalidated following a meticulous review by the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, determining that the England national team player was in an offside position and had actively participated in the action by attempting to make contact with the ball from the first free-kick. Consequently, Alejandro Garacho successfully received the ball and subsequently delivered a pass that led to an uncomplicated tap-in goal.

Successfully completed the examinations.

During the latter portion of the event, Maguire experienced another episode of physical collapse and thereafter received further evaluation from the medical professional. Despite this, Maguire persisted in his participation.

Referee John Brooks allowed the medical personnel to attend to the £85 million defender, who was then substituted from the field. However, the player was subsequently cleared to resume play and participated in the entirety of the 90-minute match.

Subsequently, however, manager Erik ten Hag made an unusual assertion by attributing the second instance of medical attention to a hand injury.

According to the statement sent to TNT Sports, the individual conveyed that they were informed about the existence of a hand injury that caused discomfort and necessitated medical intervention. This constituted the problem.

However, Maguire did not make any reference to a hand injury during his interview with MUTV following the last-minute and closely contested triumph.

He stated: “Evidently, I sustained an injury in the early stages of the game.”

The physician conducted a comprehensive series of tests, allowing me to ascertain my current cognitive state. I successfully responded to all inquiries and satisfactorily finished the prescribed concussion treatments, for which I am grateful. If the medical professional affirms that I am in a suitable condition to proceed, I will consistently continue with my activities.

Experiencing a sense of satisfaction, I successfully navigated the game, contributing to the team’s achievement of a clean sheet and, of greater significance, securing three points.

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