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21/05/2023 14:17

Lisandro Martinez: life with her loved ones and solo travel

You can learn all there is to know about Lisandro Martinez in this post, including his tattoos, current wife or girlfriend, and salary. Continue reading to learn where the Argentine center back resides and to see pictures of his vehicles!

Martinez Salary & Net Worth Rᴇᴠᴇᴀʟᴇᴅ

What is his salary?

The center back signed a contract with Manchester United in July 2022 that will pay him a staggering salary of 7.4 million euros ($6.2 million) year. According to our calculations, he makes €136.99 (£114.16) per hour and €3,287.67 (£2,739.72) each day

Accordingly, the average man would have to work for at least 17.3 years to make what Little Butcher makes in just one.

The Little Butcher will have a net worth of €41,600,000 (£31,000,000) by 2027 as a result of his lucrative deal with Manchester United. At an all-time high, his market value is €32,000,000 (£26,900,000).

Love Life – Single, Girlfriend or Wife?

Lisandro Martinez Girlfriend – Muri Lopez Benitez

She’ll spin your universe in circles: Muri Lopez is a gorgeous exotic woman! The new center back for Manchester United is incredibly fortunate. The Little Butcher has undoubtedly scored his most significant goal to yet!

Take a look at his teammates in our list of the 35 sexiest Manchester United wives and girlfriends as well.

Family – Get to know them

Mother –

Every successful man has his mother by his side: Although we are unsure of his mother’s name, we do know that Lisandro is close with her. She has been featured prominently in photos on his social media.

Martinez Tattoo – Does he have one?

The South American football player is lounging by the bay and has tattoos all over him. On his forearm is a wonderfully illustrated lion that symbolizes his ferocious zeal on the field. The Buddha’s picture is painted on his upper arm.

House – Where does he live?

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Recently, Muri and Lisandro relocated to England with their cute little pup. The couple is still seeking for a home in Manchester, but Old Trafford and the Red Devils will do everything in their power to accommodate this lovely family.

Martinez Car – What does he drive?


The former Ajax center-back used to travel in an Audi while he was a member of the Amsterdam powerhouse. The footballer from South America is incredibly modest and generous with his time to fans. Here, he pauses to pose for a photo with a little Ajax fan.

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