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12/01/2024 15:15

Haaland sends Sancho one-word message after Man United exit and Dortmund reunion

Despite the fact that Greenwood’s excellent performance in La Liga has attracted interest from Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid, the transfer news analyst and columnist for Daily Briefing indicated that it is highly unlikely that Greenwood’s future would be determined in the month of January.

According to Jacobs, Ratcliffe’s attitude is that he does not want to interfere with United’s inquiry into the player. Previously, it appeared that the general stance at the club was that Greenwood would not play for them again. However, Ratcliffe currently maintains that he does not want to meddle with the investigation.

As of right now, it is not possible to speculate on what Mason Greenwood may do next. According to Jacobs, “He is settled and scoring at Getafe, and I don’t see much clarity until later in the year that he will be there.”

“The position that Manchester United took last year was that Greenwood would not play for the club again, and it is believed that Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS have not addressed any deviations from that plan to this day.

“Ratcliffe is certainly aware of and respectful of the club’s investigation, and he is aware that multiple staff members have expressed concerns about Greenwood returning to Carrington. This is despite the fact that the Crown Prosecution Services announced that charges of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault causing actual bodily harm had been dropped after a key witness withdrew their statement of involvement in the case.

Prior to Greenwood’s arrest and subsequent suspension by Manchester United, the club moved him out on loan for the summer. Greenwood was an important player for the club before his arrest and suspension.

Given that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has recently acquired a 25% stake in the Premier League giants, the Red Devils may soon be faced with an intriguing dilemma about Greenwood. This is especially true now that Sir Jim Ratcliffe has joined the club.

It is highly likely that any future return to Manchester United will be a highly delicate matter, and no one will commit to it in the month of January. It was made very obvious by a number of sources, before to Ratcliffe’s arrival, that Greenwood would not play for the club again in the previous year. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before a football department can make a decision to reverse course on that viewpoint.

“It is true that Getafe would be extremely open to making a permanent bid for Greenwood, but once again, nothing has been progressed at this point in time. The presence of links with Real or Barcelona is typical. During his time in LaLiga, Greenwood is getting a firsthand look at his abilities on the pitch. However, I do not believe that any clarity will prevail until much later in the year.

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