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19/07/2023 17:02

99,99% deal done: Man Utd timeframe Onana comes to Man Utd is officially announced amid ‘desire for resolution’ over €15m dispute

Andre Onana is scheduled to report for preseason on July 13; Manchester United hopes to sign him before then.

To replace David de Gea, who departed the club last week after failing to reach an agreement on a new deal at Old Trafford, Erik ten Hag is anxious to sign the Cameroonian international who played under the Dutch manager at Ajax.

As Sky Sports reports that “positive talks are ongoing,” Onana is also eager to make the transition. However, there will need to be a “compromise on the dee and structure of the deal.”

Inter turned down Man Utd’s opening offer of €45 million for the 27-year-old player because they “are not bending on their €60 million asking price.”

But according to sources close to the player, all parties are hoping to negotiate a compromise before Onana reports for Inter’s preseason on July 13.

Ten Hag is reportedly interested in Onana because of his skill with the ball in his hands, which was not De Gea’s strong suit at United.

Onana might be “transformative” for Ten Hag’s team, according to top sports writer for ESPN Mark Ogden.

According to Ogden, “He is a transformative player who plays exactly how Erik ten Hag wants to play.” He plays for the back, has strong presence and character, and is a terrific communicator.

He won’t have De Gea’s reflexes, but United will move much more quickly with Onana. They will begin attacks 10 yards farther up the field, which will significantly alter the outcome.

He will, in my opinion, make the team much more complete.

According to Ofden, Ten Hag handled Onana for three seasons while he was at Ajax, a familiarity that will assist him adapt to the Premier League swiftly.

“There is always a bedding-in process, but that might be shortened by the face he knows the manager,” said Ogden. “He has entire faith in him.

He also played with Lisandro Martinez, so he will understand right away. That is significant for the goalkeeper and the defender alike.

Garnacho’s vacation in Ibiza


Ibiza is where Alejandro Garnacho loves to holiday.

Attacker for Manchester United and the Argentine National Team Alejandro Garnacho spends his vacations in Ibiza.

The lovely island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea is well-known for its magnificent beaches, pristine waters, and exciting nightlife. People from all over the world, including celebrities and football players like Garnacho, travel there frequently for vacation. The island is a great destination for anyone wishing to get away from the bustle of daily life because it has so much to offer, including stunning scenery and a wide variety of activities.

Garnacho enjoys exploring the island’s many attractions while he is not practicing or playing football. He is frequently seen relaxing on one of Ibiza’s beautiful beaches, taking in the rays and the sea wind. Long walks around the island’s lovely coastal paths allow him to take in the breathtaking views and the island’s unspoiled beauty.

Ibiza is known for its vibrant and varied nightlife in addition to its natural beauty. Garnacho is familiar with the island’s well-known party culture and has been seen taking in the lively nightlife scene and the mood at some of the island’s most well-known nightclubs.

Ibiza offers a lot of options for rest and renewal despite its reputation as a party island. Garnacho is renowned for indulging in some of the island’s opulent spa services, such massages and aromatherapy, to help him relax and refuel.

Overall, it is obvious that Alejandro Garnacho has discovered Ibiza to be the ideal vacation spot. It is simple to understand why this picture-perfect island has won over the hearts of so many people, including Garnacho, given its breathtaking natural beauty, wide variety of activities, and exciting nightlife. Garnacho is aware that he can always find something to enjoy and make the most of his trips to Ibiza, whether it be lounging in the sun on the beach, seeing the island’s various sights, or dancing the night away.

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