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23/11/2023 17:08

5 intriguing facts regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s kids’ school

UK professional footballers can afford to live luxuriously and splurge on the best, especially education. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Forbes’ 2022 highest-paid athletes, can afford the best schools for his children. Hola! reports that Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., twins Eva and Mateo, and daughter Alana attend The Ryleys School.

Manchester United under-12s player Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. appears to be following in his father’s footsteps.

Ronaldo said in 2020, “We’ll see if my son will become a great footballer. His potential exists. Being fast and dribbling good isn’t enough.

I always tell him success takes work and devotion. I won’t force him to play football, but I’d like him to. The most essential thing is to be the best at everything he does, whether football or medicine.

Schools can help students succeed outside the classroom.

“We believe in identifying each child’s talents, whether that be academic, musical, theatrical, artistic or sporting, and enable them to flourish in that particular area,” says Julia Langford of the school.

What’s known about Ryleys School? Five cool facts about it:

5 fun facts about Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.’s school

It’s a place where students enjoy a bespoke education

The Ryleys School’s “Bespoke Education” approach gives children tailored guidance, helping instructors understand how they learn, what they like, and where they thrive.

According to the school’s website, this lets teachers customize classes from kindergarten to Year 6.

Students, whether visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic, can be sure their instruction will fit their abilities.

Singapore Maths is taught

The Ryleys School’s “Singapore or mastery” approach follows the Singapore Maths, Maths No Problem Scheme and challenges students.

It emphasizes pupils’ capacity to think carefully about math. Its inclusive approach boosts student confidence.

Instead of focusing on kids who learn quickly with complex topics, students who need more time are supported.

Each topic is thoroughly covered, and the teacher does not go on until all students understand the mathematical ideas.

Singaporean students topped both math and science topics of the 2019 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Timss), surpassing students from 71 education systems.

Where students develop a global outlooк

“Global Perspectives” is Ryleys School’s personalized curriculum that covers history, geography, values, and beliefs.

Students learn about human society’s unity and interdependence, cultural variety, human rights justice, cоnflict resolution, and sustainability, which helps them understand and practice other cultures.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. kicks a ball after the Spanish league football match between Real Madrid CF and Club Atletico de Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on April 8, 2018. By Gabriel Bouys/AFP

Musical talents are also nurtured

Students at The Ryleys School are encouraged to learn music.

Weeкly music lessons are attended by children aged 1-11. It hosts many musical acts and offers private instrumental lessons up to grade tests.

The school holds an end-of-term musical showcase when students perform on instruments such as clarinet, guitar, piano, and percussion for an audience of over 100.

Success isn’t just about academics

Behavior and good deeds are recognized at The Ryleys School, along with academic performance.

A merit badge recognizes a student’s personal growth, development, and achievements outside of school. This could include etiquette, consideration, kindness, or maturity.

When students do good, they finish a step of the bronze, silver, or gold Merit pathway.

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